Beginning of the not so Great War (1914)

28 June 1914: Archduke Franz Ferninand is assassinated in Bosnia

29 June 1914 : Austria sends an ultimatum to Serbia (without the backing of Germany)

30 June 1914: Austria gets the "blank check" from Germany that they'll support no matter what

1 July 1914: Russia starts to worry, but they don't start mobilizing yet

2 July 1914: Serbia doesn't accepts the ultimatum

3 July 1914: Germany and Austria starts mobilizing

6 July 1914: France starts its pre-mobilization area

18 July 1914: Russia starts to pre-mobilize

20 July 1914: Austria declares war on Serbia. "Halt Belgrade" plan is used

26 July 1914: Belgrade is seized. Serbia surrenders. Serbia is annexed.

28 July 1914: French and Russian kings meets up in Charleville (Nothern France) to talk about the last war that included Serbia

30 July 1914: France and Russia stops mobilizing

4 September 1914: Rapid German militarization begins

1 January 1916: German militarization halts

4 January 1916: Germany declares war on France

6 January 1916: Russia allied with France joins the war

9 January 1916: French resistance is wiping out as German military sweeps through France

16 January 1916: UK and US start negotiating to help France in the war

18 January 1916: Germany enters the Belgian border without declaring a war

20 January 1916: UK joins Belgium on the war

23 January 1916: Beaches of Normandy are captured, French navy is now controlled

4 February 1916: German and French navy blockade the Channel


15 January 1916: German military is pushing forward into Russian lands as they see no army to push them back

19 January 1916: Battle of Vilnius (Germany wins)

21 January 1916: Battle of Minsk (Germany wins)

23 January 1916: A new battle plan is made for war

Army will split into two. First army will go to the capital

2nd Army will go to St Petersburg


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