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Distant Past

80 million BC: Atlantis breaks off the East coast of North Newfoundland.

75 Million BC: California breaks off the west coast of North Newfoundland. Magnusinsula splits off the west coast of South Newfoundland.

65 million BC: The dinosaurs are wiped out by a comet.

55 Million BC: Terrafrica splits off the east coast of South Newfoundland.

Human Origins

6 Million BC: The ancestors of humanity diverge from those of chimps.

2 Million BC: The first members of the genus Homo evolved.

200 thousand BC: The first modern day human is born.

10 thousand BC: The Ice Age ends.

Earliest Colonies

Up to this point, the history of the old world was identical OTL.

1442: Atlantis is discovered.

1447: France builds a colony in Atlantis. (Nouvelleparis).

1449: Spain builds a colony in Atlantis. (Nuevoespaña).

1454: England builds a colony in Virginia. Scotland builds a colony in the far north of Atlantis, naming it Nova Scotia.

1455: The Natives of Atlantis are encountered. They are very violent, and destroy most of the colonies.

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