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This the timeline for A Democratic Empire.

American Revolution (1775-1783)

  • April 19th, 1775 AD- Minutemen and Red Coats clash at Lexington and Concord. The Red Coats retreat to Boston. This starts the American Revolution.
  • June 15th, 1775 AD- George Washington is named as the first Commander in Chief of the United States of America.
  • June 17th, 1775 AD- The British drive the Patriots out of Breed's Hill.
  • November 13th, 1775 AD- The Patriots under Montgomery occupy Montreal in Canada. (Happened in OTL)
  • January 23rd, 1776 AD- The British invade most of South Carolina.
  • April 7th, 1776 AD- The British invade Eastern North Carolina.
  • July 4th, 1776 AD-  The Declaration of Independence is proclaimed.
  • July 24th, 1776 AD- The American Patriots push the British out of eastern North Carolina.
  • August 12th, 1776 AD-The Patriots push the British back in South Carolina.
  • September 30th, 1776 AD-The Patriots invade Maine.

A New Age  (1783-1812)

Napoleon and the USA (1812-1820)

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