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The timeline for The Toon Boom is broken into several sections.




  • October 2 - Cartoon Network airs for the first time. The Channel is the first one just showing animation with many following in it's foot steps.




  • Toy story ver3

    Toy Story poster featuring Woody, Buzz, Ham, Mr.Potato Head, Slink, Rex, Bo Peep, and the green army men.

    November 22 - Disney and Pixar release Toy Story, It is about Andy toys Woody and Buzz Lightyear. It was a huge successs prompting a rise of CGI animated movies in the late 1990's and early 2000's.





  • Toy story two

    Toy Story 2 poster featuring Woody and Buzz.

    November 24 - Disney and Pixar release Toy Story 2, It is about Woody finding out that he is part of a old show form the 1950's. It was a big success.


  • August 6 - Disney and Pixar release Planet 86, It is about a young ailen named Luxo who go's on a big adventure in the galaxy. It was a good success.


  • March 30 - The first episode of Invader Zim, the nightmare beigns airs and proves to be a financial success for Nickelodeon.
  • May 18 - Shrek is released and is a big success for Dreamworks and prompted other studios to make CGI Shrek inspired films in the early-mid 2000's and a lot of them were failures but there were some success.

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