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The Second Great War

1942-Cracking from the stress of the War, the (former) CSA sees an opportunity to redeclare independence, and does so.

1943-In desperation, California gains independence, it then declares war on the CSA, Germany, and Japan. Italy surrenders, USA declares war on CSA.

1944-Japan captures Hawaii; California annexes Baja California; Mexico annexes Texas; Quebec and Louisiana become New France(voluntarily).

1945-Texas is captured, Baja California goes to California, Japan(having reached its goal) withdraws. Hitler commits suicide, Germany surrenders.

1946-Deseret declares independence.

1947-Texas declares independence, Texas declares war on California and Mexico.

1948-USA, instead of surrendering, splits into three nations-The New York Republic, New England, and Pacifia. Pacifia allies with California, the New York Republic, and New England.

1950-Texas and CSA surrender.

Cold War

1951- Russia annexes Alaska.

1952- Japan, California, and Pacifia form an alliance known as the Pacific Rim Alliance.

1957- Sputnik One is launched.

1958- Pacific Rim Alliance, New England, and New York work on a common project to be launched in New England-the Artemis Moon Project.

1960- Pacifia annexes part of Alaska, and is granted right of passage through Canada for 1,000,000 Pacifia Dollars.

1961- A Communist revolt happens in the Western part of the NYR.

1962- Communist Michigan declares itself independent, Cuba annexes and captures Florida.

1967- In Boston, Artemis 3 is launched, and it turns out to be successful! It lands on the Moon.

1968- Communist Michigan allies with the USSR and missiles are shipped both to Florida and Michigan

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