17th Century

1662- Elector Ernest Augustus declares himself King of Hanover as Augustus I, the Holy Roman Empire declares war on the "illegal" nation.

1669- War ends, the Holy Roman Emperor os forced to recognise Hanover as a sovereign nation.

1670- Ernest is crowned King Augustus I of Hanover in St Mary's Cathedral, Hamburg (as Hanover consists of all Lower Saxony)

1698- King Augustus I dies, he is succeeded by his son as King George I Louis.

18th Century

1713- Princess Sophia Of Hanover becomes Queen in Prussia and Electress of Brandenburg.

1714- King George I Louis takes the British throne as King George I.

1725- King George decides to split Hanover and Britain, his son will become King of Britain while his daughter will be Queen of Hanover, the King abolishes the Salic law in Hanover to allow this to happen.

1727- King George I Louis of Hanover and Great Britain dies, he is succeeded by his son as King of Britain while his daughter, Sophia, becomes Queen of Hanover.

1730 to 1770- Floods of British immigrants come to Hanover.

1737- Queen Sophia attempts to push for a Hanoverian Parliament, she does the same in Prussia.

1740- First official Hanoverian Parliament meets in Hanover City. Hanover becomes a Constitutional Monarchy.

1756- Seven years war starts.

1757- Queen Sophia of Hanover dies, she is succeed by her son as King Augustus II.

1758- Augustus II dies suddenly a month before his coronation. His son succeeds him as King Henry I.

1760- Hannover joins Britain during Seven years war.

1763- Seven Years War ends, Hanover gains the French colony of Lower Louisiana.

1768- King Henry dies, he is succeeded by his sister as Queen Wilhelmina I who is also Princess of Orange.

1770- "The Great Immigration" (as it is now know) slows down but English people still arrive in Hanover to live and work.

1773- Queen Wilhelmina creates the "Wilhelmina Institution", it is a School where both boys and girls Can go to be taught equally.

1775- The American War of Independence begins.

1777- Hanover invades Schleswig-Holstein.

1782- War between Schleswig-Holstein ends with it being annexed into Hannover.

1783- American War of Independence ends.

1786- Hannover invades Florida.

1788- The US Constitution is adapted.

1789- French Revolution starts.

1790- Hanover conquers Florida.

1791- Hanover invades France along with most major powers in Europe.

1792- King Louis XVI of France is executed in January, his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette, is executed in October.

1796- France invades Italy.

1797- France invades Egypt.

1799- A Coup overthrows the French Government, end of the French Revolution.

19th Century

1801- The Hanoverian Constitution is adapted, Queen Wilhelmina signs it.

1803- Within only 30 years The Wilhelmina Institution has become the biggest and most expensive boarding school in Hanover.

1805- The First Consul of France, Napoleon, declares himself "Emperor of the French", the Napoleonic Wars begin.

1806- Orange in the Netherlands fall to the French Grand Army.

1807- The French invade Hanover.

1808- Battle of Bielefeld takes place, the city of Bremen is marched on later that year by the French.

1809- Hanover City falls to French forces, the Hanoverian Government and royal family move to Hamburg.

1810- Siege of Hanover is lifted by Hanoverian forces.

1811- The French Empire slowly loses territory in Hanover.

1812- Bremen is retaken.

1813- Hanover City is retaken.

1814- Napoleon abdicates.

1815- Napoleon comes back for a short period of 100 days but is defeated by a combination of Prussian, Hanoverian and British forces. The Congress of Vienna takes place.

1818- Queen Wilhelmina pushes for a bill which will make school available to all sectors of society.

1820- Queen Wilhelmina dies, she is succeeded by her grandson as King Frederick I.

1821- Following in his grandmothers foot steps, King Frederick successfully sets up the National School of Hanover, something which today, controls all state schools in Hanover.

1823- Hanover interferes in Mexican politics, stopping the overthrow of Emperor Agustín I, as a gift Augustín secedes all Mexican possessions south of Chiapas to Hanover.

1827- Hanover invades Haiti.

20th Century

21st Century

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