The TL.

Northumbria pushes into Mercia (633-634) and aftermath (634-658)

  • 13 October 633: The Northumbrians are successful in the Battle of Hatfield Chase. They begin their march into Mercia, fighting small battles. The Gwynedd leader Cadwallon ap Cadfan had fallen and their armies are in disarray.
  • 18 October 633: Battle of Northampton, a Northumbrian victory, march toward Tamworth continues.
  • January 4th 634: Mercia officially falls to Northumbria. Gwynedd's remaining military involved retreats. The war is over.
  • January-January 635: Rebuilding begins in Mercia and a puppet ruler is established in the rump state.
  • around September of 640 the Picts began mass raids on Strathclyde.
  • Strathclyde makes swift movements and begins a counteroffensive into Pictish territory, and many villages are burned down.

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