Gupta Empire

415 (POD)- Chandragupta II (or Chandragupta Vikramaditiya) doesn't die like he did in OTL.

416- Chandragupta II directs a campaign for the Himalayas and Tibet, and another for the entire Indian Subcontinent

418- By this time, the Himalayas are under control of the Gupta Empire, and so are the Yaudhaya, Arjunaya, and Western Satraps.

420- The Gupta Empire has conquered the Vakatakas, Daksina, Nala, Kottura, Rashtrakutas, Kadambas, Gangas, and Pallavas

425- All of the Indian subcontinent is under Gupta control (including Sri Lanka)

426- Southern Tibet is under Gupta control

430- Chandragupta II dies, Kumaragupta I succeeds him

431- Kumaragupta announces that he will continue his late father's campaign, and sets up a network of spies, diplomats, and informers

449- The Gupta Empire is told by the network of spies and informers that the Hunas were planning an attack, and thus set up a complex towards their north-western border, a tradition that would follow through to the many attacks of the Hunas, and other invaders from that area.

452- Kumaragupta has defeated the Hunas, but they flee before they can be captured

453- Kumaragupta dies, Skandagupta succeeds him

455- Skandagupta repels a Huna attack

460- All of Tibet is under Gupta control, Gupta Empire is now invading Liu Song China

462- Due to the extensive military turmoil of Liu Song China, at least 1/10 of it falls to the Guptas

464- A sort of a small "neutral zone" is created in Liu Song China between the Gupta Empire and southern China.

467- Skandagupta dies, Narasimhagupta succeeds him

472- The "neutral zone" is conquered by the Gupta Empire

475- Due to military instability in Liu Song China, much of it secedes from Liu Song China and joins the Gupta Empire

476- The great mathematician and astronomer Aryabhatta is born

477- Narasimhagupta receives news of the fall of the Western Roman Empire

478- After extensive resistance, Liu Song China surrenders all lands, and government to the Gupta Empire

479- The Gupta Empire starts invading Northern Wei China on a small-scale. Also: Narasimhagupta starts a policy of cultural tolerance in an effort to unite his people, encouraging translating documents into the languages of his colonies, as well as encouraging citizens to move from "Gupta proper" to his "colonies" and take spouses with those who had already lived there, in order to make it all "Gupta proper". He also grants full citizenship to all adults in his empire. This would help him later as it would unite the people under the Empire, and leave a cultural legacy

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