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Samnite-Roman Wars

c.343 B.C.E. The First War begins.

c.341 B.C.E. Rome withdraws from the First War.

c.326 B.C.E. Samnites declare war (again!) on Romans.

c.308 B.C.E. Umbrians, Picentini, and Marsia declare war on Rome.

c.304 B.C.E. (POD) The Second War doesn't end.

c.298 B.C.E. Gaul, and the Etruscans declare war on Rome.

c.295 B.C.E. Samnium and Gaul win the Battle of Sentinum

c.290 B.C.E. Rome surrenders

Roman Revolts

(POD) c.288 B.C.E. The Latins rebel

c.286 B.C.E. The Latins take Eastern Latium and establish a capital at Ostia

c.284 B.C.E. Latins propose Treaty of Ostia giving the New Latin League independence

c.283 B.C.E. Rome accepts the Treaty of Ostia ending the First Latin Revolt.

c.280 B.C.E. Latins in Roman territory revolt again beginning the Second Latin Revolt

c.279 B.C.E. The Latins limit Rome to the city of Rome

c.278 B.C.E. The Revolting Latins establish the Western Latin League and claim to be the successors to the Latin League.

c.276 B.C.E. Revolting Latins propose Treaty of Alba Longa recognizing Western Latin independence

c.275 B.C.E. Rome accepts Treaty of Alba Longa,the Plebs begin to consider revolting.

c.273 B.C.E. The Plebs revolt and the Plebian Revolt begins

c.272 B.C.E. Plebs seize all of Rome except for the Palatine and Capitoline Hills

c.271 B.C.E. The Plebs propose the Treaty of the Palatine Hill granting them their captured territory and the Patricians accept.

c.269 B.C.E.The Patrician Republic of Rome is declared in remaining Roman Territories and the Western and New Latin Leagues declare war beginning the Latin Civil War.

c.267 B.C.E. The Plebs declare the Democratic Republic of Rome and the Roman Schism begins. The Latin Civil War is going no where with only minor border changes.

c.265 B.C.E.The Second Treaty of Ostia is signed unifying the Western and New Latin Leagues as the Latin Confederacy with two capitals at Alba Longa and Ostia.

c.240 B.C.E. A man named Marcus declares himself Emperor and the Monarchists side with him.The Patrician Civil War has begun!

c.237 B.C.E. The Monarchists have captured the Palatine Hill and declared the Roman Empire.Marcus declares himself Emperor Marcus Imperius beginning the Imperius Dynasty.

c.235 B.C.E. The Treaty of the Capitoline Hill is proposed stating that the Roman Empire is recognized and controls the Palatine Hill and the Patrician Republic recognizes this.This further worsens the Schism with 3 nations claiming to be the successors to the Roman Republic.

Note:That the Patricians are the nobles and the Plebs are the commoners.

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