Beginning of the End

Timeline Part 2: The Beginnings of Tension



January 10th-The United Nations met for the first time, and heatedly discussed the division of Korea, Japan, and Germany; with the United States wanting to let the countries choose their own governments, sure that they would choose capitalism, and the USSR wanting to make them communist. A decision for a division of Germany, Japan, and Korea, was stronger and stronger, with many representatives won over during the course of the meeting.

January 15th- Major riots in Japan occurred, wanting to re-establish the sovereignty of Japan and demanded a united Japan. The riots occur mostly in the North, and Soviet military forces brutally put it down.

January 31st- The new Constitution of Yugoslavia is created, much like the USSR's own constitution. The US begins to suspect that the USSR has planted people in Yugoslavia to influence their decisions.


February 1st- Trygve Lie from Norway becomes the first UN Secretary General


March 2nd- Ho Chi Minn is elected President of North Vietnam, a young communist state. He receives support secretly from China and the USSR, and immediately strengthens the military.

March 2nd- British forces are removed from Iran, but the Soviet soldiers do not, breaking the treaty between them. The relations between Capitalist and Communist nations continues to degrade.

March 22nd- TransJordan is given independence from British rule.


April 17th- Syria becomes independent from France

April 23rd- The USSR, China and North Vietnam hold a secret meeting in Beijing. They discuss the possibility of a communist South-East Asia. The USSR and China send in infiltrators to start to win over the people of South-East Asia, and secret Soviet giving to North Vietnam increases. Vietnam encourages its citizins to undermine French authority

April 25th- The division of Germany and Berlin is finalized, and set to be put in place in exactly three months.The original intent was to not split Germany, but to divide it into administrative districts to become a nation in a few years.


May 26th- Czeckoslovakian elections occur, the last before the Soviet takeover in 1937, and the formation of the Five Providences later on. The elections result in a Communist victory.


June 2nd- Italy is transformed from a monarchy into a republic, allowing much greater freedoms and rights for the people

June 15th- The Soviet Union begins the Defensive Weapons Project, designed to create powerful biological weapons. The UN demands to see the goals of the project, and the USSR does not reply.

June 19th- The United States begins to campaign a idea in the United Nations, for a Weaponry Disarmament Treaty, encouraging countries to decrease active military and military production by 25%. This is deemed as a direct response to the new Soviet project.

June 26th- The CPC and KMT go to war in China, officially declaring war on each other. The US decides not to intervene, because that would anger the USSR.


July 16th-21st A series of terrorist attacks upon British officials and buildings in Israel follow the talks between the Jews and the British about an independent Israeli state. The talks go on undaunted following the attacks

July 28th- Talks between the US, UK, and France occur in Paris, and the Weaponry Disarmament Treaty gains momentum as all three countries seem to support the treaty. The Soviet Union remains adamantly opposed to the Treaty, because it contains a clause banning the development of all biological and mass destruction weapons.


August 5th- The US approaches the Republic of China, another permanent member of the UN Security council, about the Weaponry Disarmament Treaty, The ROC does not seem to have an opinion, because they are currently embroiled in a civil war.

August 19th- violence in Calcutta breaks out between the Hindus and the Muslims, leaving thousands dead and many more injured.

August 22nd- A large riot in divided Tokyo kills over 300 and wounds thousands. The USSR uses this excuse to increase numbers of troops in Tokyo even further. The US continues to push to set up a Japanese government.


September 4th- Violence between the Hindus and Muslims continues, breaking out in Bombay

September 8th- Bulgaria becomes a People's Republic, joining the growing ranks of Communist nations. This angers the Capitalists, who infer that the USSR has again infiltrated the Bulgarian government and causing a false election

September 29th- The United States calls a emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council, and puts forth the idea of the Weaponry Disarmament Treaty, calling for an immediate vote. The US, UK, France, Brazil, Australia, and Netherlands vote yes; but Mexico, Poland, and the USSR, using its veto power, vote no. The ROC and Egypt decide not to vote. The Treaty is voted down, angering the US greatly.

September 30th- The US secretly begins their own biological weapons research, dubbed the Boston Project. They hope to not have to use the weapons, but instead use them as a deterrent for the USSR.


October 2nd- Communists take over Bulgaria, furthering the USSR large contingent of communist satellite states.

October 13th- France adopts the constitution for the Fourth French Republic.

October 16th- criminals convicted in the Nuremburg trials are executed. The UN has its first full meeting in Long Island.

October 17th- Ho Chi Minn begins his revolutionary war in North Vietnam, hoping to free it from French influence. fighting breaks out in Ha Noi and Hai Phong, the two largest cities in North Vietnam. The French are taken completely by surprise, and the Vietnamese forces, secretly provisioned by China, take over major parts of the cities.

October 29th- The revolution in North Vietnam spreads into the Kingdom of Thailand, as a large Communist movement threatens to overthrow the monarchy. The US begins to worry as communist power keeps spreading. The US, France, and Britain decide to try and contain the communists, hoping that they will collapse shortly.


November 10th- A massive earthquake kills 14,000 in Peru

November 15th- The Republic of Indonesia is created, and acknowledged by Netherlands, its former owner. A civil war has ended in victory for the Indonesians.

November 19th- Three nations, Afghanistan, Iceland, and Sweden join the UN

November 26th- Vietnamese troops secure North Vietnam all the way west to Thailand and South to Da Nang. The French forces are kept in retreat, despite re-enforcements. France begins to create a defensive line from Da Nang westwards.

November 29th- The USSR and the Peoples Republic of China both pressure France to recognize the independence of North Vietnam.


December 12th- Iranian forces recapture Kurdistan and the providence of Azerbaijan, ending their short-lived secession

December 16th- French forces halt the North Vietnam advance at the Da Nang defensive line, and begin to push the rebels back. Ho Chi Minn secretly pleads for more supplies.

December 17th- The war in Thailand continues as the communist forces secure a great victory in Bangkok, forcing the monarchy from the city. The USSR and China declare no involvement in the South-East Asia wars, but the US remains skeptical.

December 20th- A tsunami in Japan kills over 1,000.

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