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Time Zones of the Soviet Union (New Union)

Time zones of the Soviet Union.

  Moscow Time (UTC+2/+3)
  Baku Time (UTC+3/+4)
  Yekaterinburg Time (UTC+4/+5)
  Tashkent Time (UTC+5/+6)
  Novosibirsk Time (UTC+6/+7)
  Irkutsk Time (UTC+7/+8)
  Yakutsk Time (UTC+8/+9)
  Vladivostok Time (UTC+9/+10)
  Magadan Time (UTC+10/+11)
  Petropavlovsk Time (UTC+11/+12)

Time in the Soviet Union is divided between ten time zones, which spans from UTC+02:00 to UTC+11:00. Each time zone is named after the largest city within the zone. Prior to 1990, all time zones of the USSR were one hour ahead from today (effectively being on permanent daylight saving time). Since 1981, the USSR has observed daylight saving time, setting their clocks in cooperation with the remainder of Europe.

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