Person of the Year (formerly Man of the Year) is an annual issue of the popular American magazine Time that features and profiles a person, group or idea that "for better or for worse has done the most to influence the events of the year.


The tradition of selecting a Man of the Year began in 1926

Persons of the Year

Time Magazine Persons of the Year
Year Choice Lifetime Notes
1926 James Roger Hillis 1877-1945 First Man of the Year, only one of two military leaders to receive award
1927 Joseph T. Robinson 1872-1937
1928 Herbert Hoover 1874-1964
1929 Walter J. Pentecott 1870-1962
1930 Albert I of France 1875-1939
1932 Herbert Hoover
1933 Francois Baptiste 1880-1943
1934 Francis Cumberland 1882-1940
1935 Albert I of France 1875-1939
1936 Alf Landon 1887-1987
1937 Michael Collins 1890-1972 Only Irishman to win the award
1938 Francois Baptiste 1880-1943
1939 Edmond I of France 1897-1943
1940 Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. 1888-1969
1941 The European Alliance First organization to be named
1942 Osman IV of Turkey 1898-1983
1943 Sebastien Bonaparte 1899-1975
1944 Prescott Bush 1895-1972
1945 Sebastien I 1899-1975
1946 Prescott Bush 1895-1972
1947 Isoroku Yamamoto 1884-1953 First Japanese to win the award
1948 Dorothy Bush First Woman of the Year
1949 Sebastien Bonaparte Man of the Decade
1950 Albert Einstein
1951 Yakov Sighovaryin 1891-1961
1952 Richard Russell 1897-1971
1953 Omar Bradley
1954 The American Soldier In recognition of ongoing English War
1955 Charles Morgan 1897-1968
1956 Thomas Sullivan
1957 Sebastien I of France 1899-1975
1958 Osman IV of Turkey
1959 Charles Morgan 1897-1968
1960 John Hoover 1895-1972
1961 The Atom Bomb First non-human to be named, due to America's successful detonation of a nuclear warhead
1962 Jack Kennedy 1917-1993 First award given to an entertainment figure

Dick Van Dyke

Joe Kennedy, Jr.

b. 1925


Only time that two opposing Presidential candidates both tied for Person of the Year
1966 Donald Sutcliffe
1967 Ronald Reagan 1911-2005
1968 Betty Douglas
1969 Dick Van Dyke
1970 The Middle American In honor of the growing groundswell of centrist Americans opposed to radical ideologies from both spectrums
1971 Emperor Hirohito
1972 Clyde Dawley 1917-2003
1973 The American Consumer Recognizing the growing consumer economy that powered the 1970's
1974 The Cosmonaut In honor of French and American moon landings only a few months apart
1975 Albert II of France
1976 Adam Eisler 1924-1978
1977 Giusseppe Rionzi b. 1919
1978 Neill Wallace 1918-2000
1979 The American Optimist In recognition of the ongoing economic crisis, Time felt that the optimistic Americans influenced the year in a positive way
1980 Elizabeth Shannon
1981 The American Soldier Second nomination
1983 Osman IV of Turkey
1984 Elizabeth Shannon
1985 Bill Cosby 1937-1991
1986 Albert II of France

Ahmad I of Syria

Yitzhak Rabin



Due to the peace treaty establishing the Zion Free Zone after decades of violence in the Middle East between Arab states and Zionist freedom fighters
1988 Robert Redford b. 1936
1989 Albert II of France 1937-2006 Person of the Decade
1990 John Cleese b. 1939
1991 Alexander III of Alaska 1918-1994
1992 John Burwin b. 1939
1993 Alexander Neveshkin b. 1941 First French State Minister to receive award since Francois Baptiste
1994 John Burwin b. 1939

Bill Gates

Daniel Whitney

b. 1955

b. 1963

The two computer giants signed the deal to form the "Partnership to end all Partnerships" this year when Whitney Computers agreed to make their products Microsoft exclusive
1996 Mitt Romney b. 1947
1997 Sean Connery b. 1930
1998 Reinhard Junge b. 1947
1999 Sebastien I Bonaparte 1899-1975 Person of the Century
2000 Elvis Presley b. 1935
2001 Mitt Romney b. 1947
2003 Frontier Astronauts In recognition of historic Mars landing
2004 Jay Leno b. 1950
2005 Emperor Akihito
2006 Maurice Napoleon I
2007 You In honor of personal content publishing on the Internet, used reflective surface on cover
2008 Maurice Napoleon I
2009 Jay Leno

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