Timothy "Tim" Buck (January 6, 1891 - March 11, 1973) was a Canadian communist and labor leader who was the General Secretary of the Worker's Party of Canada from 1929 until his ouster at the 1962 Party Conference by Tommy Douglas. Buck served along with Premier Fred Rose and Party Chairman Leslie Morris for twenty consecutive years, a time during which they became known as the "Red Three." Buck violated the Drummondville Agreement, advocated invading the United States following World War Two and was a proponent of sending Canadian armaments, money and other materiel supplies to the Negro Revolutionary Liberation Army (NRLA) in the Confederacy near the end of his office. Buck was eventually arrested and banned from the party during one of Douglas' purges in 1969, and he died in exile in the UBPR in 1973. He is generally regarded as the most important figure in Communist Canada due to his thirty-three years at its helm.

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