Territorial changes after the Tierra de Santander Treaty

The Tierra de Santander Treaty, also Treaty of Tierra de Santander (Russian: Договора Сантандер Земля, Latinized: Dogovora Santander Zemlya, Spanish: Tratado de Tierra de Santander) was a treaty between the Hispanic Federation and the Union of Sovereign Proletarian Kingdoms, discussing the partition of Tierra de Santander.


Main Article: Tierra de Santander dispute

Tierra de Santander (in OTL, Columbia or the Oregon Territory) was a region which was colonized relatively late in the colonization race (colonization started only in 1805 under Spaniard hands). The colonization of the region was slow and difficult, and by 1875, the territory was divided in British Rupert's Land, USPK Alaska, and Hispanic Tierra de Santander (part of the Kingdom of Mexico). The land was disputed by all three powers.

Britain was the first to retire its claims after the War of 1865 between Britain and the American-Russian-Hispanic coalition. The claiming for Tierra de Santander, however, continued. In 1885, finally, the Hispanic Federation and the USPK came to a treaty.


  • The Hispanic Federation's state of Mexico would get Tierra de Santander south of the 49 Parallel, which was a midpoint between the two claims.
  • The USPK would get Tierra de Santander north of the Parallel.
  • To conserve international friendliness and cooperation between the USPK and the Hispanic Federation, the entire island of Vancouver (in TTL, Isla Salish) would be given to Spain in exchange for 1,000,000 pesos (about 2,200,000 dollars).

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