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Tierra Platina (Spanish)
La Nación Platina
Timeline: The Steam Age (Map Game)
Flag of the Tierra Platina.jpg Coat of arms of República Unida de América.svg.png
Flag of the Nación Platina Coat of arms
Steam Map of the World.jpg
Largest city Colonia
Official languages Spanish
Ethnic groups  Spaniard, Lusitanian
Demonym Platinian
Establishment1822 A.D.


*1857: Having imported telegraph equipment since 1850 we implanted an advanced railways and telegraphic communication networks. Cease our Isolationistic policies determined to impulse our economy by opening several factories of Yerba Mate, Tea, Fruits, Woods and Sea Products, as well as Industries and one Military Factory for standart land vehicles. We are importing scientist and teachers for our universities.


  • Basic Factories.

Military Power