The Tibetan Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Tibetan Plateau
Tibet Flag No coa
The Flag of Emperor Guru Lek Coat of Arms
Sinica after the Great Asian War
The Tibetan Empire in Green after theGreat Asian War
Capital and Largest City Sengdroma (Lhasa)
Religion Thenmobism and Buddhism
Demonym Tibetan
Government Theological Monarchy
  legislature Emperor and High Priests
First Emperor Nyatri Tsenpo
Area 1,375,581 km2
Established 884 (131 AD)

The Foundation of the Tibetan Empire

During the years 882-884 (129-131 AD) the Tibetans moved out from the Yarlung Valley to take the other areas of the Plateau near the Himalayas. The Monpa people, near and similar to the ethnically Tibetan people, allied themselves with the emperor Tisho Lek and together moved out into the areas of the Qiang and Lhoba people. This war was very costly but the Tibetans emerged victorious despite the support that the Sinicans gave to the Lhoba and Qiang people. Guru Lek, son of Tisho, invited the Emperor of Sinica, Yuanhong, to his palace in Sengdroma (Lhasa) and made peace with the nearest major powers, which were Sinica and the Maurya.

List of Emperors of Tibet

Nyatri Tsenpo 626-649 (127-104 BC)

Mutri Tsenpo 649-670 (104-83 BC)

Dingtri Tsenpo 670-687 (83-66 BC)

Sotri Tsenpo 687-702 (66-51 BC)

Mertri Tsenpo 702-716 (51-37 BC)

Dakrri Tsenpo 716-733 (37-20 BC)

Siptri Tsenpo 733-764 (20 BC- 11 AD)

Drigum Tsenpo 764-785 (11-32 AD)

Chatri Tsenpo 785-806 (32-53 AD)

Esho Lek 806-839 (53-86 AD)

Desho Lek 839-866 (86-113 AD)

Tisho Lek 866-888 (113-135 AD)

Guru Lek 888-901 (135-148 AD)

Zanam Zinde 901-923 (148-170 AD)

Dori Longtsen 923-941 (170-188 AD)

Senol Nam 941-958 (188-205 AD)

Trindra Pungtsen 958-972 (205-219 AD)

Degyal Pungtsen 972-989 (219-236 AD)

Thothori Nam 989-1004 (236-251 AD)

Tritog Nam 1004-1022 (251-269 AD)

Detrul Nam 1022-1038 (269-285 AD)

Namshungtsen 1038-1055 (285-302 AD)

Songtsen Lek 1055-1074 (302-321 AD)

Drongnyen Lek 1074-1088 (321-335 AD)

Tagbu Lek 1088-1095 (335-342 AD)

Lha Nyasig 1095- (342- AD)


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