Kingdom of Tibet
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Tibet and surrounding areas
Tibetan snow leopard.svg
Flag of the Kingdom of Tibet
Tibet 1420 PMIV.png
Tibet (In Cream) and surrounding neighbors
CapitalNêdong (སྣེ་གདོང་ཆུས།)
Official languages Tibetan
Regional Languages Khams, Mandarin, Nepalese, other local dialects
Ethnic groups  Tibetan
Religion Vajrayana Buddhism, Bon
Demonym Tibetan
 -  Chogyal Tenzin Soham
The kingdom of Tibet, otherwise known simply as Tibet, is a large and mountainous nation located in the Himilayan mountains in east asia. It currently has Gongma Drakpa Gyaltsen of the Phagmodrupa dynasty as head of state. The state and majority religion is Vajrayana buddhism, while many Tibetans maintain Bon tradition.


Pre 1400




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