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Empire of Tibet
Timeline: A Different History

OTL equivalent: Greater Tibet
Flag of Tibet Emblem of Tibet
Flag Coat of Arms
Tibet in yellow.

None ()

Anthem "Gyallu"
Capital Lhasa
Largest city Lhasa
  others Mandarin Chinese
Tibetan Buddhism
  others Hinduism
Ethnic Groups
  others Chinese
Demonym Tibetan
Government Absolute theocratic monarchy
Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso
  Dynasty: Gyatso
Population 5,000,000 
Currency Tibetan Ngultrum
Time Zone UTC +8
  summer UTC +8
Calling Code +975
Internet TLD .ti
Organizations UN

The Empire of Tibet (Tibetan: བོད་) is a nation that compasses, more or less, OTL Greater Tibet. It is the principal military and political rival of the Mughal Empire, as it has laid a claim over most of Bengal (which it controlled in the early IX Century). It is curently allied with more nations in the Far East, especially China and West Nepal.


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