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The pentacle, the religious symbol of Wicca

Welcome to the main page for the Threefold timeline. In the Threefold timeline a religious reformation in the mid-1970s caused a wide variety of changes to the world, most notably the dissolution of the United States of America into a series of independent nation-states.

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  • December 25th 2013: American Federation President Barrack Obama hosts Queen Artemis of the Matriarchy of Wicca at a state dinner at the White House, the two leaders will discuss the continuing strife along the Mariarchy's border with the Nation of Deseret, as well as fostering a continuing peace between their two nations
  • The White House has also revealed that Michelle Obama is planning on a making an unoffical visit to the Matriarchy this Christmas season, Queen Artemis has gladly accepted the First Lady's offer, stating 'I've always liked her, she's got a dog, what's not to love?'.  Mrs. Obama is expected to meet with Cascadian schoolchildren and possibly with the Queen herself in order to discuss the spirit of the holiday

POD and Basis of World

In the 1960s the neo-pagan religion of Wicca spread across the Atlantic Ocean from the United Kingdom to the United States. In OTL this made little difference on the state of affairs in the U.S., but in Threefold the spread of Wicca to the United States caused the new religion to grow larger very quickly, spreading around the globe, soon becoming on near-equal footing with Christianity, Judaism, and Islam in terms of size and reach in an event known as the 'Threefold.Reformation'. As a result of this new religion, religious tensions started rising, most of the monotheistic religions began to agree on one thing: Wicca was a threat, in response to increasing discrimination and out and out attacks on their faith, Wiccans began demanding the right to practice their faith in peace, these tensions even reached the White House, and in November of 1963, President John F. Kennedy made a public statement calling for the end of various attacks on the Wiccan community in the U.S.  On November 22nd 1963, just days after making the speech, President Kennedy was shot and killed while traveling Dallas, Texas (the same as in OTL), his wife, Jackie Kennedy was wounded by a second shot, which severed her spinal cord, resulting her becoming paralyzed from the waist down.

By the end of the 1960s the tensions had reached a boiling point, a series of holy wars known as the 'Heaven Wars' broke out across the globe, centered primarily on the Second American Civil War.

By 1979, the Heaven Wars were over, and with them, the United States. The new nations included the New California Republic (OTL California), the Commonwealth of Greater San Francisco (OTL San Francisco Bay Area), the Nation of Deseret (OTL Utah), and the Matriarchy of Wicca (OTL Washington State and Oregon). while the remnants of the U.S. government are centered around the northeastern half of the continent excluding New England, which is its own nation-state.

By present day, the former-U.S. now resembles the OTL Middle East, with religious tensions fueling geopolitical strife and border conflicts, most especially between the Matriarchy of Wicca and the Nation of Deseret (see the conflict between Israel and Palestine in OTL).

Differences between ATL and OTL

The changes the geopolitical face of North America had caused a series of ripple effects throughout the world.

  • The former states of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana are now virtually lawless, home a series of city-states and much smaller nations (i.e. the city-state of New Las Vegas).
  • Kansas and most of the American Midwest are now allied into a loose organization known as the 'People's Collective' a quasi-communist alliance.
  • Texas and Oklahoma have since merged to become the Second Republic of Texas.
  • The Soviet Union exists to this day, albeit with much less censorship and more political restrictions.
  • Siberia broke off from the USSR during the Heaven Wars to form an independent Wicca/Communist state.
  • Israel has expanded into parts of North Africa.
  • Almost immediately after gaining its independence, a religious coup took place in Utah, causing the establishment of a theocratic dictatorship based upon a warped version of Mormonism, similar to the distorted version of Islam espoused by various Islamic militants in OTL.

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