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Three Years War
Romae Delenda Est
Date 213 -211 BC
Location Scotland, N. England
Result Victory for the Brython/Aoengic Alliance.
  • Vassilization of the Picts
Triskele-Symbol1Celtic Tribes of Ireland (Romae Delenda Est)Brython/Aoengic Celtic Triple Spiral Various Pict Tribes
Commanders and leaders
Celtic Tribes of Ireland (Romae Delenda Est) BRADÁN SLUAGHADHÁN

Triskele-Symbol1 DAFYDD GRUFFUDD

Celtic Tribes of Ireland (Romae Delenda Est) Aoengic 7,500 (estimate)

Triskele-Symbol1 Brython 20,000 (estimate)

Celtic Triple Spiral Picts 15,000 (estimate)
Casualties and losses
Celtic Tribes of Ireland (Romae Delenda Est) Aoengic 2,500 (estimate)

Triskele-Symbol1 Brython 4,000 (estimate)

Celtic Triple Spiral Picts 10,000 (estimate)
Aoengic soldiers armed with Carthaginian weapons made a clear difference in the war.

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