In 1804, political rivals Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr had a duel. Hamilton was shot down in the fight and Burr could not run for vice president again in 1804 elections.

In this timeline, we examine what would have happened if the two rivals were sent packing.

Welcome to Three Superpowers.



Due to the intense rivalry between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, US President Thomas Jefferson asks them both are to leave the United State by July 4, 1805

December 1, 1804: Aaron Burr resigns from his position as Vice President.

December 2, 1804: George Clinton becomes Vice President.

December 3, 1804: Aaron Burr moves to Lower Canada.

December 31, 1804: Alexander Hamilton moves off to New Spain.


January 5, 1805: Aaron Burr begins a revolution against Britain. The Republic of Canada is formed. January 5 is proclaimed Free Quebec Day.

January 11, 1805: The Revolution spreads to Upper Canada. Upper Canada joins the Republic.

January 18, 1805: The British start fighting against the Canadian Revolutionaries. The United States proclaims neutrality.

January 19, 1805: The Battle of York is fought. The British Navy fails an invasion of Upper Canada.

January 23, 1805: The Rupertland joins Canada.

January 25, 1805: The British lose the Rupertland.

January 31, 1805: Newfoundland joins the US, not wanting to be ruled by the British or Canada.

February 3, 1805: New Brunswick and Nova Scotia follow Newfoundland's example.

February 5, 1805: The UK declares war on the United States. In response, Thomas Jefferson is forced to declare war on the United Kingdom.

February 9, 1805: Inspired by the Canadian Revolution, Alexander Hamilton starts a revolution in New Spain. All Spanish territory that is in OTL Mexico revolts. Hamilton proclaims the Independent Nation of Mexico.

February 10, 1805: Jefferson agrees to help both Burr and Hamilton. Ironically, he caused this mess, indirectly.

February 17, 1805: The US and Canada defeat the British after a series of battles in the Rupertland. After the Treaty of York, the British cede all remaining North American claims except those in the Caribbean.

February 18, 1805: In exchange for their help, Canada cedes the Red River Basin to the US.

March 1, 1805: Mexico wins the Revolution. Alexander Hamilton becomes first Chancellor of Mexico.

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