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Earth is the largest rocky planet orbiting a regular, main sequence, single star. Humans hold it in low regard among other planets. Why would anyone care about Earth? What an ignorant viewpoint...

Aliens have had their eyes on Earth before the Humans first set foot on it. 65 Million years ago, a war between two races resulted in the loss of a crucial alien ship and Earth becoming a critical planet among the races. The ship crashed in the Yucatan Peninsula, which ended up killing out the major species on Earth, thus allowing Humanity to become dominant.

Aliens began coming back to Earth while it was in a major glacial period. The races that fought above Earth were extinct and new races decided to look for the ancient ship. A beacon allowed a race to discover Earth again. The race began to follow humans and live with them.

Some aliens intended harm, while others intended good. Around 20,000 BC, an alien construct was installed. It was attached to New Zealand by elevators. However, a virus struck about 900 years later, making the construct touch down to Earth. Trees and vegetation covered the construct. The same race created a bridge across the Bering Strait. When the sea levels rose, both constructs went underwater. The Bering Strait bridge can still be seen. The New Zealand construct has broken down for the most part. However, some caves were once halls in the alien construct. Evidence of a huge war has been uncovered. It is possible that another alien race bombarded these constructs and cities. A great example of this is the Booshu Spur in the Bering Strait. A common human theory is that these craters were created by glaciers. High levels of carbon have been found on this island. By all means, feel free to look at them on Google Earth (Coordinates are 63˚24'05.96 N 170˚25'12.14 W)

4,000 years ago, another alien race came and saw potential in humanity. Their ships were pyramid shaped. They tried teaching Mesoamerica pyramid technology, but they did not progress nearly as fast as the Egyptians. The Egyptians went as far as to mistake these aliens as gods, as these aliens looked similar to humans. However, an alien captain named Aton began to threaten the pharaohs, who were human representatives to the Egyptians. Soon, the aliens became hostile and erased the minds of the egyptians on aliens. This race has been spotted several times in the last century.

Aliens respected the Roman Empire. However, alien legend has it that an alien visited, but did not disturb, the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth. The alien observed the crucified man. A roman soldier was found in the tomb trying to kidnap Jesus' body. The alien was armed with a heat gun and completely disintegrated the soldier. The flash was so bright that the shroud covering Jesus' body captured the image of Christ. Regardless of if this is an alien or divine occurance, it is a truly amazing happening.

In the 6th Century, the king of Briton, King Arthur, fought off an alien invasion led by the warlord Mordred. Morgan Le Faye was abducted, probed, and hypnotized.

Leonardo Da Vinci is known for encountering and being enhanced by aliens.

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