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THOR'S HAMMER Space Station


THOR’S HAMMER is a brand new space station which is the very latest in space design. It is a slow orbiting missile platform that allows the controller to target anywhere in the world with maximum impact.

Although the station must be checked on at least once every year for tests and repairs, the platform is designed so that minimum time and manpower may be wasted upon it. It uses a radar system to locate its target whilst an on-board computer calculates the trajecAlthough the crewmember on-board will not have to set the target and cannot enter the launch codes, someone must be on the station for a safe launch. The person on-board will check the system and the target before initiating the final part of the launch procedure by turning his unique key before pressing the fire button, which is situated behind an armoured hatch. If no-one is on board if the platform is attacked, the station will automatically drop flares and engage emergency manoeuvres to avoid the missile. tory, speed and time until impact of the missiles. If this happens then the station must return to Earth within 48 hours for refuelling and restocking its armaments. The platform may remain in the air for up to 1 year before refuelling is needed. The station can either return to Earth to have its tanks fully refuelled or be half refuelled by a space shuttle equipped with a fuel tank. Its lightest armament is the US manufactured TOW anti-tank system.

Although it is designed for infantry it can be used at great effect for destroying small targets and moving vehicles by surprise. It also has 2 R-11 Zemlya missiles and 1 R-17 Elbrus. It has 5 KH-23 air-to-surface missiles and 3 Bristol Bloodhound missiles. <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt">Under Construction on the Falklands. <p class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt">Cancelled until further notice


Non UR asking prices begin at £300,000,000

Basic Platform (no weapons yet installed. Craft does have the capability to have them)- £300,000,000

Armed Attack Platform ( Light attack weapons and tracking radar)- £350,000,000

Fortress Defence Platform ( Defensive weapons and radar systems)- £350,000,000

Standard Platform ( Defensive and Offensive)- £400,000,000

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