Thomas James O'Malley (December 11, 1919 - July 24, 2012) is a retired American politician best known for a 50-year career of service in the state of Massachusetts, serving as an attorney for the City of Boston, state assemblyman, Governor of Massachusetts (1967-1975), US Senator for Massachusetts (1975-1981) and was the Vice Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party in the 1980 election, appearing on the ticket as a Northern liberal counterbalance to Jimmy Carter. O'Malley's run for Governor in 1982 failed after he was defeated in the general election by Tom Perreckin, a liberal Nationalist. O'Malley later served as a desired campaign manager to Jay Leno in the 1986 Senate election to take back his old seat, and was an influential advisor on Senator Leno as well as later Governor Danny Kennedy, who served 1991-1995. O'Malley retired from public view in 1994 after Kennedy's reelection loss.

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