Thomas Jefferson Davis (July 4th, 1829-June 28th, 1919) was born in Richmond, Virginia to Thomas Jefferson Davis I and Martha Washington Davis. He was, like his father, an only child and strong advocate of southern rights. In 1855, after graduating from West Point Military Academy first in his class, he began his military career. In 1859, he was promoted to Lt. Colonel, and was the man who led US forces against John Brown in Harper's Ferry. He was promoted to Colonel shortly thereafter. After marrying Grace Georgia Finch in 1860, his son, Thomas Jefferson Davis III was born. After South Carolina seceded, he was unsure if any other states would join her. When Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas seceded, he resigned from the US Army, and applied for a position in the Confederate Military. He wasn't given any position, but did receive a letter from Montgomery saying that although his services would be helpful, a Virginian could not be trusted until Virginia seceded. Arkansas seceded, then Virginia followed suit. Next came Tennessee, and North Carolina. He was given the rank of Brigidier General in the CS Army. After moving to Richmond, he requested promotion to Major General, which he got after the First Battle of Bull Run. In 1862, after the birth of his daughter, Virginia Georgia Davis, he resigned and returned to his plantation. He became a Virginia Rep. in the CS Congress for a while, until he suffers a stroke in 1899. He never fully recovers, but does live through World War One, when, after hearing of the Confederate Armstice, dies.

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