Official Presidential portrait of Thomas Jefferson (by Rembrandt Peale, 1800)

Thomas Jefferson (b. April 13 1743 - d. July 4, 1826) was a famous founding father during the American Revolution. He both helped write and signed the Declaration of Independence. After America achieved its independence, Thomas Jefferson joined his old friends, President Washington and vice-president Adams, as the first Secretary of State. When Adams took the oath of office in 1797, Jefferson became a America's 2nd vice-president. He'd always hoped for an agrarian America, a nation of independent farmers without the need for trade. Also, Jefferson eventually succeeded his old friend Adams and became the 3rd president of the American Republic of Freedom. He once wanted to buy the New Orleans Territory because of good farming, but Napoleon chose to sell him his entire Louisiana Territory. After the Louisiana Purchase, Jefferson commisioned two explorers, Meriwhether Lewis and William Clark to explore it. While doing so, the two even went beyond the purchase and found the Pacific Ocean. Jefferson hoped that increasing the size of the nation would provide more farming land for a "agrarian utopia". Eventually, Jefferson would be succeeded from office by fellow Son of Liberty, John Hancock.

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