Third World War

Date of Conflict: December 25th, 1953 - January 1st , 1975

Result of Conflict: Indecisive. The American Union is vastly expanded to include Central and South America. However, the Union and its allies have suffered massive casualties owing to the protracted nuclear conflict with the Third Reich in the 1960s and the catastrophic invasion of German-held England. The Third Reich formally assimilates most of mainland Europe, the territory of the former Soviet Union and most of the Middle East and North Africa into the Reich with the notable exceptions of Vichy France and the United Kingdom of Scotland, Ireland and Wales, however, the punitive assaults by America have left a colossal toll on the Continent.

Belligerents: American Union, Third Reich (Greater German Reich), Japan (as a puppet state of the American Union ), United Kingodom of Scotland, Wales and Ireland ( as a puppet state of the Third Reich ), Vichy France ( as a puppet state of the Third Reich ), Chinese and Indian local proxy factions.

Location: Global. Fighting is concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere, the American Continent and the Far East, with sparsely populated areas such as the Sahara inundated by troops. Sporadic fighting occurs in Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia with colonial countries clamouring for independence. China and India are in civil war, with the superpowers using the local factions as proxy appurtenances.


Confederation of Liberty

65,537,113 men (Ground forces and auxilary units)

56,112,812 guns (Small-calibre conventional infantry weaponry)

250,153 armoured vehicles (tanks, artillery, infantry fighthing vehicles etc)

22,223 aircraft (bombers, fighters, reconnaissance, helicopter and all other aerial vehicles)

5,890 ships (all classes of amphibious or naval)

Greater German Reich

70,114,816 men (Ground forces, auxilary units and Schutzstaffel paramilitary units)

51,083,754 guns (Handheld infantry weaponry)

342,189 armoured vehicles (tanks, artillery, infantry fighting vehicles etc)

28,115 aircraft (all aerial vehicles involved in war effort)

5,537 ships (all ships utilised in the war effort)

Casualties and Losses:

Confederation of Liberty

114,817,635 military losses

213,932,855 military wounded

1,115,874 military captured

313,925,674 civilian dead

413,881,043 civilian injured

Greater German Reich

103,998,816 military losses

223,882,904 military wounded

542,681 military captured

315,883,547 civilian dead

425,085,358 civilian injured

Causes of the War

A brief history and the aftermath of the Second World War In September 1940, Operation Sealion commenced shortly after the utter decimation of the Royal Air Force. Great Britain capitulated swiftly, and by December 1940 all resistance had ceased. Great Britain was paritioned into two zones: one ruled by the house of Windsor and the British Parliament, having nominal jurisdiction over the regions of Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, and one under the direct control of the Reich. France had already capitulated in May 1940, with the North under de facto Nazi rule and a puppet government established in the south. With the two juggernauts in Western Europe under the Nazi jackboot, the Russian behemoth soon fell, with the final annexation of all Soviet territory on 25th June 1941. The Japanese Empire, under the self-fabricated image that Nazi Germany would assist in their own campaign of subjugation. However, America acted swiftly to secure the colony of the Philippines, using an unprecedented onslaught to quell any resistance encountered in its Far East Campaign. By January 1944 American forces had conquered most of the Japanese Empire, wresting control of Indochina, Indonesia, the Malayan Peninsula, Taiwan and Korea. The nominal puppet government in manchuria ,of its own volition, slaughtered the Japanese administrational personnel stationed there and expelled the emasculated remnants of the Japanese Army stationed there with American assistance. Japan falls on 20th February 1944, after the dropping of two 20-kiloton nuclear devices on Kyoto and Tokyo respectively. A puppet government is established with the American government firmly in control. The aftermath of the war saw the emergence of a new world order, with the Reich and America paramount in world affairs. Tensions betwenn the two began to flare up all around the world as both parties started vying for supremacy, often culminating in mini-firefights that had to be hastily extinguished.