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Third Treaty of Chan Chan (Principia Moderni III Map Game)

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The Third Treaty of Chan Chan was a treaty created following the Downfall of the French Empire in 1884. The Treaty was designed to ensure a smooth road to independence for Emeraldie.


  • Andea will recognize Emeraldie as the true succesor to the Empire of France and the Crown of France
  • Emeraldie will join the Second Hesperian League and sign the Cuzco-Santa Cruz Accords, the latter of which will become known as the Quadruple Alliance of Andea, Osea, Brazil, and Emeraldie.
  • Andea will agree to support Emeraldie in any monattry crisis post independence.
  • The Nations of Andea and Emeraldie will agree to divide the interior of the Amazon at a later date.


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