Empire of Brazil
Império do Brasil
Flag of the Second Empire of Brazil CoA Empire of Brazil (1847-1889)

Ordem e Justiça
("Order and Justice")


"Hino Nacional Brasileiro"
("Brazilian National Anthem")

Empire in 2001
The Empire in 2001
Capital Rio de Janeiro
Official languages Portuguese
Government Constitutional parliamentary monarchy
Emperor Luís I
Prime Minister Antenor da Fonseca (1993–94)
Population 212 million (1993)
Currency Real

After the 1993 plebiscite, the monarchy is re-established in Brazil. Brazil re-adopts most laws of the old Empire, with minor changes. Antenor da Fonseca, the former president, becomes Prime Minister. Territories and colonies of the former Empire achieve their independence in 2001 following an anti-imperialist measure by the new government.

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