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Third Balkan War (Loyal Italy)

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Third Balkan War
Date July 28, 1914 – July 11, 1919
Location Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Austria-Hungary


Central Victory

  • Partition of Serbia between Italy, Bulgaria, and Austria-Hungary
  • Italian annexation of Albania
  • Loss of land by Romania and Greece
  • Central Powers dominate the Balkans
  • Further divides and ethnic clashes in the Austro-Hungarian Empire

Central Powers

  • Austria-Hungary
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Bulgaria
  • Italy


  • Albania
  • Serbia
  • Romania
  • Greece
  • Montenegro

Course of the War


  • Gavrilo Princip kills Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria.
  • Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.
  • The Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria join the war on the side of the Central Powers. Romania and join the Allies.
  • Austria-Hungary captures Belgrade.


  • Romania successfully stops a Bulgarian invasion through the Danube.
  • Bulgaria defeats Romania at the Battle of Constanta.
  • Ottoman forces arrive in Romania through Constanta.
  • British forces land at Gallipoli.
  • Austo-Hungarian forces defeat Serbia at the Battle of Kragujavec, forcing the Serbian government to move its capital again, this time to Nis.
  • Ottoman and Bulgarian forces cross the Danube River in Romania in the hopes of conquering Bucharest.


  • British forces leave Gallipoli.
  • Serbia wins the Battle of Aleksinac, and begins to counterattack against the Austro-Hungarian invasion.
  • Albania declares war on Austria-Hungary.
  • Serbia begins a westward campaign, along with Albania, into Bosnia, hoping to take Sarajevo.
  • France, Britain, and Russia all leave the war.


  • Greece declares war on the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.
  • Italy, technically still at war with the countries that declared war on Austria-Hungary, invades Albania, taking Vlora and Durres.
  • Serbia and Albania abandon their Sarajevo campaign.
  • Austria-Hungary, no longer at war with Russia, puts full focus on Serbia, and regains all ground it lost to Serbian counterattacks.
  • Austria-Hungary invades Montenegro, which had been on the side of the allies but a small country.


  • Romania loses the Battle of Urziceni, and calls for peace. Romania agrees to a peace treaty in which they give up some land east of the Danube, including the city of Constanta to Bulgaria.
  • Greece agrees to a peace treaty in which Greece gives up some islands, including Crete, to the Ottoman Empire, and otherwise Greece returns to its borders before the Second Balkan War. 
  • Italy captures Tirana and Elbassan, and Albania surrenders, though some revolts continue
  • Italy annexes Albania.


  • Bulgaria invades Serbia, and soon takes control of Nis. As the government continues to move, Serbia attempts to negotiate peace with Bulgaria, but fails.
  • Italy, hoping for even more land in the Balkans, invades Serbia from the West. 
  • Italy takes Skopje. Bulgaria takes Prishtina. Austria-Hungary takes Novi Pazar.
  • Serbia surrenders, and Italy, Bulgaria, and Austria-Hungary divide it.

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