Third Balkan War
Date October 3, 1915 – November 20, 1915
Location Balkan Peninsula
Result Bulgaro-Greek victory:
  • Cession of Turkish Thrace to Bulgaria and Greece,
  • Approximately $11 in 2012 US Dollars per sq mi paid to the Ottoman Empire.
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935 Greece
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Mehmed V

Flag of the Ottoman Empire İsmail Enver

Flag of Bulgaria Ferdinand I

Flag of Bulgaria Nikola Zhekov
Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935Constantine I
Hellenic Kingdom Flag 1935Alexandros Zaimis

Flag of the German Empire1914 Incident Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918)

The Third Balkan War was a military conflict that lasted from October 3, 1915, to November 20, 1915. The fighting occurred in Ottoman controlled Thrace, which was invaded jointly by Bulgaria and Greece in a successful attempt to take control of the region.


The Third Balkan War kicked the Ottoman Empire almost completely out of Europe, as the only part in Europe that was still controlled by the Ottomans was the north side of Istanbul.