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Things are looking slightly better for the allies toward the end of 1944, but they are about to get a nasty shock from the Soviets. So far, the British and its Commonwealth partners have managed to capture more than half of the country and the Americans have forced the Japanese off all but a small enclave of American land and just need that extra step to completely evict them from America and onto the Pacific...

But what's this? Reports of a Soviet offensive? The Soviets counter-attack spectacularly in Canada and force the British back. They manage to push them back to the American border in some places and it seems all of the British efforts could be to waste.

The Japanese are also not far behind, and amass troops in their small enclave and counter-attack again. They push the American out of California, due to their fanatical charges at American troops. The Americans are forced to try to contain them and hope for the best.

But here is where the Axis run out of puff. The British manage to wage a significant and huge defeat in the Battle for Winnipeg, luring the Soviets into a trap, and massacring their troops in the snow. The battle for the city lasted over the winter. The Soviets try to counter-attack at Yellowknife in late spring, but their tactic of throwing everything at the enemy didn't work and by early-summer are pushed midway through Alaska.

The Americans too manage to win against the Japanese, and using their might, finally push them off America. They then divert their army to the north to help the British, and arrive just in time to help them for their offensive into Alaska. The Soviets are pushed out of Alaska by late-Summer, and give up trying to invade it again when another threat presents itself: The Germans...

The Germans have steadily build up a huge army and reserve and they attack the might of the Soviet Union on the 22nd of June, 1945. They successfully manage to over-run large portions of the country and have managed to get near the 3 main hubs of Russia.

The Allies are left with a dilemma, what do they do now?

Sit back, and finish the war on the Pacific front

Finish the Japanese and liberate the French

Make peace with the Germans and keep attacking the Axis

Or Declare Peace and Rebuild, letting the war play out

1 Imperium Guy 13:21, July 11, 2012 (UTC)

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