Βασίλειο της Θεσσαλονίκης
Kingdom of Thessaloniki
Timeline: Greek World
Preceded by 800 - 1821 Succeeded by
Republic of Thessaloniki Kingdom of GreeceThessalonikiFlag
ThessalonikiFlag ThessalonikiCoA
Flag of Thessaloniki Coat of Arms of Thessaloniki
Location of Thessaloniki in black

Ζήτω ο βασιλιάς και η Ελλάδα! (Greek)
("Long live the king and Greece!")

Capital: Thessaloniki
Language: Greek
Religion: Greek Orthodox
Type of government: Absolutist Kingdom
  King of Thessaloniki: Nikephoros Palaiologos (First)

Constantine XV Palaiologos (assumed the title of King of Greece)

Currency: Palaiologos Drachma
The Kingdom of Thessaloniki was one of the first monarchies of post-empire Greece and the founder of the Kingdom of Greece after its union with Bulgaria, because the last bulgarian king was dead, and the closest heir was the Thessaloniki king.

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