The year 2011 was filled with such promise, but fundamentalists decided it was not to be. they planned to deliver the killing blow to America. Nuclear weapons, in the hands of terrorists, would bring the downfall of America, they decided. But what they did would have unexpected consequences, that would throw the world into darkness, and war.

This is a story of trials, fighting, and descending darkness. It is told from the point of views of the BBC, ABC, and the RIA Novosti.


  • March 24: President Obama has made a statement saying that he favors the removal of Libyan leader Omar Gadhafi from power, but he also has said that the aim of the international military effort is not go oust Gadhafi from power, or to kill him. Instead, it is to protect civilian lives, and prevent further massacres of the Libyan populace. He has stated that the US would be transferring control of the operation to international forces with a few weeks.
  • May 1: In an evening speech, President Obama announced the death of terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden in a gunfight with US Navy Seals . He has been confirmed dead, and his body was buried in the ocean, to prevent his burial place from becoming a shrine for Muslim extremists.
  • June 1: This is a breaking news alert! At 10:00 AM an underground nuclear detonation was detected in Saudi Arabia. The detonation was consistant with that of a bomb made from reactor grade plutonium. One wonders where the materials came from, and who is responsible.


  • April 15: For the second day in Berlin, NATO members could not agree on sending more planes to Libya, in an effort to strengthen the no-fly zone put in place on March 19. the British Prime Minister, William Hague, called the meeting a success, even though it had not convinced new nations to join the effort in Libya.
  • May 2: In a speech yesterday, the US President Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden, in a gun battle with US Special Forces. This is a great success for Coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite this, there is anger in Pakistan over the unauthorzed border crossing by US Special Forces into Pakistan. It is very possible that in the aftermath of this event, the Coalition that has been in the Middle East for so long will begin to pull out all their troops.
  • June 1: This is a breaking news alert! Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the nuclear attack on the Saudi Arabian oil field earlier this morning. They claim that it is in revenge for the killing of Osama Bin Laden. With the destruction of one of the worlds largest oil fields at the hands of terrorists, this can only have bad tidings for the world.

RIA Novosti

  • March 23, 2011: A fire has broken out in a Russian nuclear power plant. It is believed that technical malfunctions were the cause. The authorities have it well in hand, and there is no need for panic. As we speak, the fire is being brought under control. The nuclear material is being transferred to a secure location, until the fire is out.
  • March 30: The fire at the Russian nuclear power plant has been put out. However, the reactor was heavily damaged, and will be inoperable for weeks.
  • June 1: Breaking news: The Russian government, in a press conference today, made a statement apologizing for the lax security at their nuclear reactors. Following investigation by IAEA representatives, it was determined that the plutonium for the bomb that destroyed the Saudi Arabian oil field had come from a Russian nuclear reactor. It is believed that this plutonium came from the nuclear reactor that caught on fire back in March.

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