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Theodore II of Cygnia (Game of Nations)

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Theodore II
King Edward VIII, when Prince of Wales - Cope 1912.jpg
Theodore II's coronation portrait, 1846
4th Emperor of Cygnia
Reign 1840 — 1885
Coronation 5 May 1847
Predecessor Alexander II
Successor Theodore III
Chancellors Calvin Althorpe
James Kilburn
Harrison Redford
Hunter Alston
Charles Wallace
Richard R. Renault
Humphrey Langley
Henry G. Tyler
Spouse Mary Frances Tennyson
Issue Theodore III
Full name
Albert Alexander Theodore
House House of Hamilton-Campbell-York-Lancaster
Father Alexander II
Born 2 June 1828
Ellingham Palace, Swanstone,
Died 3 February 1885 (age 57)
Ellingham Palace, Swanstone,
Burial 6 February 1885
St George Cathedral, Swanstone,
Religion Church of Cygnia

Theodore II of Cygnia (Albert Alexander Theodore; 2 June 1828 — 6 February 1885) was the 4th Emperor of Cygnia from the death of his father Alexander II in 1840 until his own in 1885 — he was the second-longest-reigning Emperor in Cygnian history, after his great-grandson, Ellory I.

Theodore II, born Albert Alexander Theodore, acceded to the throne early in his life. Following Alexander II suddenly fell ill and died with pneumonia in 1840, the Cygnian Imperial throne passed to Prince Albert. As at the time he was only twelve years of age, Prince Albert was under the Constitution spared from the responsibilities of the Imperial office until he came of age. Until that time, the powers and duties of the Emperor were discharged by his eldest sister, Princess Adelaide, Duchess of Darwin, who became the first Regent in Cygnian history. Prince Albert turned 18 on 2 June 1846, and was crowned as Theodore II on 5 May the next year, upon which the duties of the Imperial office were officially transferred to him.

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