Alexander Dyce young.jpg
Official portrait, 1881
Prince of Swan
Tenure 1877 — present
Coronation 1 February 1870
Predecessor None
Albert Edward (as Prince of Wales)
Full name
Theodore William Alexander Maurice Charles Oliver Henry
House House of Swan-Orange-Nassau
Father Alexander I of Westralia
Mother Lady Mary Frances Holloway
Born 23 March 1871 (age 10)
Stirling Palace, Westralia
Religion Church of Australia

Theodore, Prince of Swan (Theodore William Alexander Maurice Charles Oliver Henry; born 23 March 1871) is the eldest child and heir apparent of Alexander I of Westralia.

Theodore was born as the first grandchild of William III of the Netherlands and Sophie of Württemberg on his father's side, and of Lord Oliver Holloway, 1st Earl Holloway and Lady Frances Holloway, 1st Countess Holloway on his mother's. Thus, Theodore is around one quarter Dutch, one quarter German and one half Anglo-Saxon.

During his childhood, Theodore was extremely popular as he was the first royal child born to the Westralian Royal Family, which excited many people in the country. In his youth he came to be known as "Bonnie", "Little" or "Wee" Prince "Theo".


  • 1871 — 1877: His Royal Highness The Prince Theodore
  • 1877 — present: His Royal Highness The Prince of Swan

His full title is His Royal Highness Theodore William Alexander Maurice Charles Oliver Henry, Prince of Swan and Heir to the Great Swan Throne of the Westralians.