Theodor Lynden Frankenstein
Timeline: Medwedian World

Sir-Marshal-President of the Medwedian Democratic Federation
2012 -

Predecessor: Edmund Olsen senior

Sir-Marshal-Vice-President of the Medwedian Democratic Federation

Predecessor: Thor Thorsten
Successor: Martin Norbert Ottoborg

Head of the Gammel Medwedisk Folksparti

Predecessor: Tønvigg Olsen
Successor: Anders Tippersby

Member of the Federal Parliament

Member of the Municipal Senate of Medwed

Head of the Medwed City Departament of Justice

Predecessor: Oleg Aaveborg
Successor: Oleg Aaveborg
Born: 14th April of 1943
Brunsby, Tørn Administrative Area, Tullemark Province
Political Party: Gammel Medwedisk Folksparti (Conservative)

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