The Cold War has been getting hot since the USSR detonated a nuclear bomb, but, fortunately, it hasn't turned into a Nuclear War.

Cultural Changes

Bob Marley did become a major singer, and he turned to politics (while remaining Ethiopian Orthodox ATL), eventually becoming Governor of Jamaica.

Adolf Hitler is not seen as the face of evil; rather he is seen as a symbol of good since he ensured the USA survived Fascism. The Battle of NYC would later on be made into many films including "Enemy on the Bridge (1993)" starring Kurt Russell as Richard Heydrich in his famous capture of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Meanwhile, Japanese influence (with Manga being created just like OTL) on American culture has seemingly had a profound effect. Walt Disney used Japanese anime features with major success.

Political Changes

Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda are not major powers, as Osama entered politics as Ahmadinejad's Vice President. Iran is still very Islamic, but extremism is not seen except between Sunnis and Shi'ites. The Twin Towers still stand, and terrorism rarely occurs except where it is very common in the Middle East. Iraq was never invaded; neither was Afghanistan.

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