Turning the tide of a war

Entering into 1918, another year of thousands deaths, as it would but actually be the final year of the war. Alexei and his sisters were enjoying life in the UK, there was also a good news coming from the Front that the Germans were being pushed back. Alexei hoped that after the war with Germany was over Britain, along with her allies America and France would invade the communist state in Russia and help the white army take down the rebels, though Tatiana stressed, "Alexei we don't know if cousin George would act as dangerously as that, America, England and France have been toppled both financially and militarily by the war with Germany, they aren't ready to enter another one" Tatiana explained to Alexei one day, Alexei replied "But surely Cousin George wouldn't just leave Mama and papa?" Tatiana had a screwed look "And that's another thing, we must be careful, who knows what they would do to Mama and papa if we tried anything against them".

The war continued into Spring, Alexei had kept in contact with his parents who had told him that they were being moved to a town called Yekaterinburg somewhere near the Siberian border, Alexei prayed for them not knowing that they would meet there doom that summer...

To continue, search "Terrible news reaches England"

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