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Hess travels to West Africa to fight the French, which conquered the Algerians. 800 troops come along with him, determined to conquer the French. But in a day the British heard the news and sent 1,000 of their men to West Africa too. It was quite a handful. So the Europeans fight in Africa. The Nazis and the English brought their bomb planes along with them. Suddenly the British ran away, nobody knew why. Bullets were flying here and there. Suddenly, half an hour later, out of the blue, there came a massive British bomber-plane. Three seconds and the place would go boom. This deserted desert was full of noise.

All the British soldiers were on board the plane, much to the other nations' troops' surprises. They tried to run away, but it was too late. One. Two. Three. Gone. A small inferno sprouted. Blood flew here and there. It didn't look very pleasant, but at least those 'pesky' things were defeated. What happens to the Europeans?

Germany expands, UK multiplies, France loses power.

Germany shrinks, UK expands, France shrinks.

Germany surrenders, UK parties, France stays the same.

(Created by: ZL123 12:17, April 22, 2011 (UTC))

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