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About the war

This war was fought between America and the UN (America's allies) and Germany and its allies.


World War 2-1939-1940

The early stages of the war proceeded much like usual in Europe, except the UK was also defeated. The US decided to evacuate the British people, and this was able to evacuate most of the British, including Churchill. The Nazis also planned to invade Portugal (which supported the US) and Switzerland, but the operations were never carried out.

The Fall of the USSR-1941

The USSR was also defeated when Moscow fell to army group center, and the remnants of the Red Army fled with many Jews and Slavs. They hid in Siberia after the rest of the USSR was either made a puppet of the Germans or occupied by Japan.

Japan becomes allied to USA (as well as many other nations) - 1942

The Japan of this timeline didn't commit mass genocides or anything of that sort. They had close ties with the US and generally distrusted the Nazis. They only had Indochina, Manchuria, Korea, and part of eastern USSR, and did not want to expand much. They only allied with Germany because they were mistreated by the league of nations (the USA had good relations partially because the US was not part of the LoN). Thus, when the US suggested an alliance to Japan, Canada, India, Portugal, the many American nations, Australia, the countries of the Middle East, and the countries of Southern Africa, they happily agreed (as well as the other nations except for Argentina (which aided the Nazis) and Brazil (which was in a heated debate between those supporting the US and those who supported the Nazis)). It was called the UN or United Nations

Germany forms a counter alliance-1943

Alarmed, Hitler decided to make an alliance, and Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Vichy France (Vichy France became a actual country and not a puppet state in 1942), and Slovakia join immediately. Spain and Finland join one month later, and Sweden in 1944, and Turkey and all the North African countries in 1945. After they fought off the Communists, Nationalist China joined in 1946, which was followed by The Republic of Tibet, The Southern Chinese Republic, and The People's Republic of Taiwan separating, and they were supported by the US. All the German puppets, of course, were also part of it. It was called the Order of the Aryans or OotA or OA

The Standoff begins-1950

Both sides would decide to build up their arsenals, and it was obvious that they would eventually fight each other. But war would spring up where it was least expected.

The Afghan-Iran war-1950

The Nazi-backed government of Afghanistan wanted to expand, and declared war on Iran, then part of the UN. The Iraqis declared war on Afghanistan, declaring that it would support its allies, no matter how weak it was. Syria, always distrustful of the "stans", also declared war. However this also attracted the attention of Turkey, who declared war on Syria and Iraq (but would never formally declare war on Iran). The newly formed Pakistan, which was confused, and Bangladesh, would declare war on "the disrupter of peace" (Afghanistan). The war ended when the Afghan government sued for peace "to end this endless war". The two sides agreed. The borders would remain the same, but it showed the two sides were ready to fight. Later, Afghanistan would join the OA, and Pakistan and Bangladesh would join the UN.

Afghan-Iran war








  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Afghanistan
  • Turkey






Casualties and Losses



The Merging-1960

The Germans decided to annex its puppets. Meanwhile, Croatia and Serbia had a dispute and the Germans, who did not tolerate the fight, annexed them.

The Two sides-1960

By this time, most countries were positioned in the two camps.
Althist T.W.A.N. map 1960

The sides. Blue is the UN, Black is Germany, Grey is Germany's allies/puppets/occupied. Purple is the British commonwealth. Green are countries leaning towards the UN. The Red are Communists. The light greys are neutral (only Switzerland)

The UN

The UN comprised of the following countries: USA, Japan, India, Pakistan, Tibet, Taiwan, Southern China, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Jordan, Portugal, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Union of Latin Countries, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guyana, Columbia, Venezuela, South Africa, Canada, and Iceland. Other sympathizers included USSR, Netherlands in East Indies, Belgium in Congo, Tunisian Free State, Chile, and Denmark in Greenland.

The OA

The OA included Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia (not the TFS), Libya, Egypt, Union of West Africa, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Vichy France, Slovakia, Sweden, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Argentina.

Proxy wars-1961

The Vietnam war-1961 to 1965

In 1961, China invaded South China and Vietnam. The near by Taiwan decided to attack Chinese forces, but were beaten back. Then China convinced the Philippines to join the war on their side. Laos and Tibet then declared war an China. Thailand followed suit. At first, the Chinese seemed to be winning, but at the battle of Shanghai, the Chinese Elite forces were driven back. The allies drove China back. Filipino forces landed at Ho Chi Min City, only to be driven back. The war became a stalemate, and in 1965, peace was declared, and the borders returned to their original borders. The Philippines became part of OA, and Vietnam, Thailand and Laos joined UN.

The 2nd Afghan-Iran war-1962-1964

During the Vietnam war, another conflict sprang up between Iran and Afghanistan. This was fought between Iran/Iraq and Afghanistan. The Afghan forces drove into Iran virtually unopposed and it seemed Iran and Iraq would be defeated until Iran's elite guard sent them running back. Then Iran invaded Afghanistan and destroyed the rest of the Afghan army in the battle of Afghan's fate. Iran then added Afghanistan to its territory.

The Malayan wars- 1963

When Malaysia joined the OA, Thailand, Netherlands, and Burma decided to split Malaysia. Thailand and Burma would split the Malay peninsula and were able to defeat Malaysian forces on their front. Singapore took advantage of this and took much of the southern territory. Meanwhile, in Borneo, Dutch forces were defeated, and Malaysia renamed itself Borneo after incorporating Borneo into its territory. Peace was declared in December. Burma and Netherlands decided to join UN.

The Rebels and Dominoes Wars-1964

In 1964 the Rebels of Britain would rise up, and were followed by groups in France, and Sweden. The rebellions were crushed with the exception being the one in Sweden. This would be scattered across Sweden.

The domino war was a high intensity standoff between the US and Germany. It ended peacefully.

The dominoes start to fall-1970

From the domino war until 1970, peace was enjoyed, but in politics there was no such peace, for Germans wanted more. Then, in 1970, Argentina's president declared war on Chile. Paraguay then declared war on Argentina, followed by Uruguay, Brazil, Portugal, Columbia, Venezuela, the British Commonwealth, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Suriname. The distrust between the US and Germany burst, causing war between the two. The USSR followed, declaring war on Germany. The rest of OA declared war on the UN.


Turning the tide-1975

Failing regime-1978

The end-1980


World United-1980

The UN becomes a world organization dedicated to world peace. Two branches come out of it, the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), and the PATO (Pacific Armed Treaty Organization). The Security counsel is made up of the US, USSR, Canada,and Japan.

Terrorists and other things-1990

In 1990, new borders were drawn in the place of the hazily drawn war-time ones. They are similar to the OTL borders, with notable exceptions.

Overview of present- PRESENT

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