Previous Nuclear attack at USA and allies (CYOAH)

Most of the German nukes were either intercepted, or missed their target (German targeting systems back then were not exactly top-notch) therefore very few nuclear weapons even exploded, let alone land where they should have. However, the Nazi's had interceptors, albeit they were only prototypes, and by launching these missiles, thirteen cities were spared of nuclear apocalypse. The current German government is overthrown by the next generation; the Fourth Reich. The Fourth Reich make Greater Germany into an oligarchy, and over time pass laws allowing citizens more freedom. As the country is rebuilt and reformed, it is no longer viewed as an evil empire, but rather a developing nation that has overthrown tyranny, and united millions. President Nixon, though he could not forget or forgive Greater Germany for what they have done, he offers his help and his thanks, for reforming the country, and for overthrowing the dictators of yore. With a final reform, Greater Germany becomes a Capitalist nation, and employment rates skyrocket, as do the death tolls. Now three superpowers influence the world; The United States in the West, The People's Republic of China in the East, and The Free Nation of Greater Germany in between.

China, on a campaign to become more powerful and build itself up in the eyes of the public, engages in the reformation and development of every Majority World country in the world. China questions Greater Germany, which remains undecided. China then gives the United States the same proposition;

How does Tricky Dick react?

Jazon Naparleon 17:14, July 31, 2010 (UTC)

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