This timeline starts in 1514, if Albert, last Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, defeated the Poles-Lithuanians and forced them to recognize Ducal Prussia as a independent duchy. Albert and his descendants eventually expand the power and size of Prussia.


Early Years: 1514-1540

1514: Albert I of the Teutonic Order, refuses to pay homage to Poland-Lithuania. The Poles-Lithuanians, in response, invade Teutonic Prussia (future Ducal Prussia). Albert defeats them at the Battle of Koingsberg, and throws them out, although he refrains from invading Poland or Lithuania, since he is too weak.

1520: Albert converts to Lutheranism and dissolves the Teutonic Order, replacing it with the Duchy of Prussia. He is crowned high duke in Koingsberg, and homage is paid to him by all the nobles.

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