Previous Parliament blown up (CYOAH)

With Parliament destroyed and Churchill dead, the remaining British Government retreats to Canada, and assumes control of the Empire from there. With no government to coordinate troops, the land that once was the UK is quickly overrun by the Germans, and Ireland becomes a puppet state. Without the UK, Allied forces make Iceland their base of operations for the Western front. With the UK now taken, the Allied forces do not pose a significant enough threat for the Nazi's to leave behind a large amount of troops, therefore, the troops are then sent to the Eastern front and North Africa. Franklin D Roosevelt, President of the United States, will not stand by and watch as his allies one by one are conquered by the German menace. He declares war on Germany, entering World War Two on August First, 1940. He then appoints Dwight Eisenhower Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, and orders a draft of one hundred fifty thousand troops. Within three weeks, the quota is met, with Eisenhower wondering where to send this sudden influx of Allied force. Where does he send them?

Send them to North Africa

Send them to the Pacific

Send them to the Eastern front

Jazon Naparleon 16:50, July 28, 2010 (UTC)

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