In March 1933, the German elections roll in, and, due to the amount of votes for the party, Otto Wells wins the elections. Most of the western European countries find the new Fascist Italy suspicious, therefore the governments of the countries keep their eye on it.

In 1936, Franco becomes ruler of Spain, and turns Spain into a fascist country. The UK, France and Germany keep a watch on Spain also. Meanwhile, Italy starts bulding its empire in Africa. It beings to annex Ethiopia, and Spain decides to help. 

Italy has trouble with Ethiopia, so it asks Japan for help, and Japan accepts the offer. Italy, Japan and Spain form an alliance, and war rumors spread across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Tensions between the Allies and the Fascist Alliance start to increase, giving strength to the rumors of war.

In 1939, Italy annexes Albania, and the next thing it encounters is war with Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. Spain annexes Andorra and Portugal and faces war with France. Italy then invades Yugoslavia, and faces war with Hungary and Romania. Czechoslovakia, Poland and Austria help Hungary, while Germany helps Austria. Britain joins the war to help France and Poland, leading the United States and Canada to join the war to help Britain and France. This creates a smaller version of our World War Two.

In 1940, Italy annexes Slovenia, and Spain annexes Bordeaux. Danzig remains neutral until it collapses due to being in a weak position due to the war. The League of Nations had torn apart, leaving Danzig with no protection to keep itself running. Italy invades Hungary, and Hungary surrenders. Hungary then becomes a puppet state of Italy.

In 1941, Japan attacks the Russian SFSR, and the Soviet Union declares war on Japan. This bring the Soviets into the war. Hungary invades Romania and Czechoslovakia, and is helped by Italy. Austria then declares war on Hungary, Germany and Poland doing the same. This leads to a chain of events that lead to Britain, the United States and Canada declaring war on Hungary. The Soviet Union invades Hungary and occupies it to install their own government into Hungary. They do the same with Slovenia.

Italian, Spanish and Japanese troops are still in Slovakia, thus Slovakia is occupied, and a new government is installed by Spain, Japan and Italy. The Fascist troops are also in Transylvania, and they do the same, installing an independent puppet state in Transylvania. The new Hungary declares war on Italy, Spain, Japan, Slovakia and Transylvania. All the Allied countries do the same. 

In 1943, Slovak troops invade Poland, while Transylvanian troops invade Romania. British, American and Canadian troops attack the Slovak troops in Poland, while Bulgarian and Yugoslav troops attack the Transylvanian troops in Romania. Slovakia and Transylvania surrender, and America occupies and installs a new government in Slovakia, while Romania annexes Transylvania. 

1944, Russia successfully gets Japan off their land with the help of America. Japan surrenders, and is occupied by both the Soviet Union and America. France regains Bordeaux and invades Spain. Spain surrenders, and is occupied by Britain and France. All that is left is Italy, who establishes an independent puppet state in Albania. 

Finally, in 1945, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey invade Albania. It is then occupied by Greece and Turkey, to install a new government. Italy surrenders, and Greece demands for Yugoslavia to give Kosovo to Albania. Yugoslavia rejects, and war breaks between Greece and Yugoslavia. Greece eventually gets Kosovo from Yugoslavia, and gives it to Albania. With Slovenia and Kosovo lost, Yugoslavia is in a weak position. France receives Sardinia, Sicily, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands from Spain and Italy. The Allies and the Soviet Union occupy Italy.

In 1949, the Cold War begins between NATO and the Eastern Bloc (Soviet Union, Slovenia, Hungary, etc.)

42 years later, Yugoslavia splits up from a Kingdom into three republics (FYROM, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina) and two kingdoms (Montenegro and Serbia). Croatia receives Vojvodina from Serbia, now near to collapsing. The Soviet Union also splits up, but Belarus suffers from a very low amount of land for the country.

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