Great War


Cold War

World War

September 17th 1939


November 23rd 1943


The World


Germany expands, various fascist regimes set up around Europe, German war economy enlarges.


Germany, Italy, Japan, CSA

Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, USA

Casualties and Losses



Great Rapprochement
The Mexican-American War
The War of Secession
The Spanish-Americas War
The Great War
The Texan-Mexican War
The World War
The Eerie Peace
The War of Steel

The extremely heavy reparations, the loss of its colonies, the war guilt and the poltical turmoil, all made Germany bitter despite the vast gains it made in the East. This lead to a certain Adolf Hitler rising to power in the politically weak German Republic and forging his Third Reich. He annexed Austria, then Czechoslovakia and Poland before attacking France, it was this that began the World War.


European War

The Germans used lethal blitzkrieg tactics to overwhelm France and the low countries before turning to Scandinavia. Italy scythed through the Balkans building Mussolini's dreamed Roman Empire. Denmark fell to the Germans. The German Operation Sealion was moderately successful because it meant the surrender of Great Britain but at the cost of many hundreds of thousands of good servicemen. The Italians annexed parts of Northern and Eastern Africa, whilst Germany took the rest of the British Empire.

American War

The CSA used German tactics to plunge into Texas and the USA, annexing vast areas. American and Texan weaponry wasn't made to deal with the tactics the Confederates where employing. Worst of all they parachuted black infantrymen stuffed with explosives into Union territory where they were detonated. The Texans had only fought against weak Mexicans before and couldn't deal with Confederate efficiency.

Asian War

Japan laid waste to China, Russia and Alaska as well as India, Australia and the USA. They too used cutting edge technology and ruthless tactics to eliminate opposition.


The Treaty of London stripped the UK of its colonies including Northern Ireland. A new fascist order had been born and the world cowed in fear as the forces of darkness and despair consolidated their evil hold on the nations of the Earth and began their reign that would threaten to destroy the refined culture built up over the centuries. As Russia was now isolated from Alaska they sold it for a pittance to the USA who were happy for the extra land area and the lovely oil.