The World Today

Since the end of the war in 1924, the world has enjoyed long, peaceful years. On the colonial spectrum, reforms in the 1950’s let the various colonizers control their colonies until today. However, various countries have gained autonomy or independence. France: Napoleon IV ruled until 1960. His son, Prince Louis Napoleon Bonaparte succeeded him on the throne as Napoleon V. Napoleon V, now 89, is still on the throne.

Germany: Kaiser Wilhelm II the Great ruled until 1950, when he voluntarily abdicated in favor of his son, Crown Prince Wilhelm. The Crown Prince was crowned Wilhelm III. His father advised him on matters of state. However, in 1951, he died from an heart attack. His son, Louis Ferdinand succeeded him as Louis Ferdinand I. He ruled until 1994. The current emperor, Georg Friedrich I was born in 1976. Austria-Hungary: Emperor Karl I ruled until his death in 1965. His son, Crown Prince Otto followed him on the throne as Otto of Austria-Hungary.

Great Britain: George V ruled until 1936, when his son Edward VII succeeded him on the throne (He never abdicates as in OTL). In 1972, his daughter Victoria succeeded him on the throne as Victoria II.

Russia: After the USSR’s defeat in 1924, Tsarevich Alexis was officially crowned Tsar Alexis II of Russia. However, the EA powers of Germany, France, the UK, and Austria-Hungary occupied the European Part of Russia until 1935. Russia lost Poland, Byelorussia, Ukraine and Central Asia. The country is currently ruled by Alexander IV (since 1986), son of Alexis II.

Japan: The EA powers let Japan be ruled by its beloved emperor. A democratic government was elected in free elections in 1929, and the last occupiers left the country in 1932.


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