The World's Fair, also known as the Global
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St. Charles Street Spire, London World's Fair 1875

Exposition was founded by Heinrich Pastall, a German national in London, England, Commonwealth of the German Empire in 1875. This was considered one of the most exciting expositions. During the '75 World's Fair, the first electric light bulb was announced and showcased to the masses. Other fascinating structures were created like the Spire, I massive glass and Iron tower built in London, just for the fair. Initially meant to be torn down, it became much beloved by the community, and was left standing to this day.

World's Fair Structure

Each World's Fair will be host every ten years. The location of the Fair will be voted on the World's Fair talk page. Only industrialised nations may host the Fair, though all can participate.

Poster for the 1875 World's Fair

World's Fair Listings

Here are the city listings for the World's Fair.

1875- First World's Fair - London, England,

Commonwealth of the German Empire

1885-Second World Fair-Barcelona

1895-Third World Fair-Copenhagen

1905-Fourth World Fair-Rangoon, Myanmar

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