Arthur Tudor, husband to Catherine of Aragon, died in 1502 at the age of 15. His wife later married Henry VIII who succeeded the throne upon Henry VII's death. It has always been a mystery whether Catherine and Arthur were ever in love or did consummate their marriage. Henry later tried to annul his marriage to Catherine on the grounds that they did. Henry VIII is one of the most famous kings of England for his 6 wives and the reformation. Imagine if this hadn't happened and Arthur hadn't died in ludlow - what would the future of England have been...

'Arthur Tudor, The Welsh Rose (19/20 September 1486 – 2 April 1540) was the second King of England and Lord of Ireland of the Tudor dynasty. He was the first son of King Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York, and therefore, heir to the throne of England. He married Catherine of Aragon and ruled England for 31 years.

Arthur Tudor I King of England
Catherine of Aragon Wife of Arthur Tudor I, Daughter of Isabella and Ferdinand
Henry Tudor of England VIII Son of Arthur Tudor I
Arthur Tudor of England II (Duke of Clarence) Son of Arthur Tudor I
Isabella Percy (Duchess of Clarence and Queen of England) Wife of Arthur Tudor of England II, Daughter of Henry Percy and Anne Boleyn

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