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The Weak are Strong

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What if in the Second Punic War,Scipio Africanus was dead?Hannibal would have little resistence from another general,with almost all forces in Rome.What if the Celtic and Aztec people created empires in 14 BC?

This is an Althist that shows that the weak,can become the powerful.

Points of Divergence:

  • 1 Scipio Africanus is killed in a fire,allowing Hannibal Barca to conquer Rome and allow the Carthaganian Empire to thrive.
  • 2 Leaders from the Celtic and Aztec people create Empires around 14 BC.
  • 3 Ghengis Khan is killed by fighting between Mongol groups.
  • 4 The Iroqouis Republic absorbs a large tribe,allowing for full-scale war.

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